Web Malware Removal Service

Modern hacking attacks in most cases have only one purpose - monetary gain. More and more hackers are targeting web sites because they discovered that through compromised websites, they could infect many more computers with their malicious software in order to steal valuable data like credit card numbers and passwords.

In today's world it is pretty common for web sites to get infected with different sorts of malware.

Malware has a purpose

Malware has a purpose - to attack clients which are accessing those websites and exploit their systems in malicious manner. Most common way to accomplish such attacks is using the method known as a drive-by download. As malware is stored on the web site (infected by the attacker using different website vulnerabilities) when the client accesses the site the malware is transfered to the clients computer without users knowledge of that action. The whole proccess is done in the background so the user has no reason to suspect that he is currently getting infected with spyware, computer virus or malware. Usually things like these are stuck in hidden iframes and the only thing user can do is to rely on their anti-virus solution for protection. However, modern code is usually obfuscated so that most anti-virus programs are not able to recognize malicious programs as genuine threats.

Infected websites get blacklisted by search engines

If your website gets infected by such malicious code, your website will be blacklisted by Google, and other popular search engines, so customers and visitors will have a tough time finding your site. Those who do come will be themselves infected with malicious programs. You could lose: reputation, customers, integrity of valuable data and a large amount of money.

Contact us now to ensure your website's security

If you just want to check your site if it is secure against hackers, you cen check out our Web Application Seucirty Testing Service. If your website is indeed infected with malicious code, contact us and we will help you restore security, remove the site from blacklists and prevent further infection.