Services/Security Education

Information security awareness is the key to the successful threat management in today's interconnected world. Your employees are your most valuable asset in the process of securing your data and keeping it safe from malicious users. Make your team aware and trained to stay in touch with the latest security threats by hiring our security specialists.

Why choose DefenseCode?

We employ an educational process using known methodologies and logical steps which we found best considering our experience, industry best practices and established educational principles.

Education and training is divided into several logical parts and designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.

Inhouse and distance education

A wide range of topics are covered in our in-house security education. Starting from base technologies and using bottom-to-top methodology we explain details of modern web and general IT security aspects, exploiting and protection methods.

Through our safe practices and advanced vulnerability exploiting trainings you will be able to keep your people proactive and bring benefits to your company.

Protect your business, think like a hacker

The main goal and our idea is to encite inspiration and creativity of your security team. Our training shall enable them to see the world from hackers perpective. Without boundaries.