Services/Penetration Testing

DefenseCode penetration testing service will help you identify security vulnerabilites in your systems before they have been exploited. Plan, manage and test your systems with DefenseCode.

Why conduct a penetration test?

There is a wide range of benefits from performing penetration testing on your systems. Some of them include:

  • Discovering vulnerabilities before hackers do
  • Auditing the effectiveness of implemented security measures
  • Protection of your company name and brand
  • Prevention of data loss
  • Ability to manage IT security risks and plan for the future

DefenseCode offers expert service

Penetration testing is an excellent technique to use if you require a broad, in depth expertise in the security of your applications, networks and related environment. During penetration testing DefenseCode security experts carefully examine selected parts of your IT infrastructure, searching for hidden vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, flaws or weaknesses, deploying latest methodologies, including out-of-the box mimicking of hacker’s techniques.

All discovered security issues are confirmed in a safe manner and then documented in detail, including how they were discovered and how to correct or mitigate the risk.

DefenseCode is able to perform penetration tests in various environments, including:

  • External and internal networks
  • Web and mobile applications (including API endpoints)
  • Embedded devices

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